Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's Memeday!

And here you thought it was Tuesday, tsk tsk!

I was tagged ages ago by The Good Woman in her wee Scottish Blog, to complete this question meme. I'm only now getting around to it, as I have a few brief moments of peace while my Sister in Law and her Fiance take my kids for a walk. Outside. Around the neighbourhood in stinking heat and humidity. I have to make the most of this quiet time since surely they will come to their senses soon, and hibernate in the sweet air conditioning with me for the rest of their stay!

What were you doing ten years ago?

I was working in bank marketing, trying to make a great impression, and saving money to come to Florida in September ’97 for my cousin’s wedding. What a fateful trip that turned out to be!

What were you doing one year ago?
I was pregnant with my second baby, and had just found out at my ‘big’ ultrasound that he was a little boy. We got a bonus 4D ultrasound video that we hadn’t been expecting and it was fabulous to be able to take that home, and share it via email with our families in Ireland. They were blown away by it and loved the 'sneak peek' at Baby J!

Five snacks you enjoy
Crisps (chips) and salsa

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics
I do not know all the lyrics to one song, much less five songs! SAD!

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
I’d sell this house, buy a bigger one here, and one in Ireland and split my time between the two places.
I’d pay off my family’s mortgages and help my brother and my sister buy their dream homes (property in Ireland is outrageously expensive for first time buyers).
I’d set a good chunk aside for the kids’ education.
Give to charity.
Keep enough to live a comfortable lifestyle – not a lavish one necessarily – just comfortable.

Five bad habits
Laziness (linked to the first in no small measure!).
Eating junk.
Worrying too much about how much things cost (it’s good in the right circumstances but I’m starting to worry about really stupid stuff!)
Can’t think of a fifth one, but I’m sure people who know me could point out several more!

Five things you like doing
Making my children laugh, which is hard work some times! They more often than not just look at me with the ‘what are you doing, mother?’ expression – I’ll torture them in their teens, I’m sure!
Cooking and baking. I love trying new recipes and get such a buzz when other people like the things I make.
Singing and playing the piano, wishing I was better at both.
Talking on the phone.

Five things you would never wear again
Skinny jeans – I don’t care if they’re fashionable, there are very few people these look good on, and I’m not one of them.
Baggy maternity clothes (whether I’ll wear any maternity clothes again or not remains an unanswered question in this house.)
Neon yellow, orange, or turquoise anything.
Plastic ear-rings.

Low rise jeans – like low low rise – I saw a mom at the doctor’s office the other day crouch down to her daughter who was crying and I saw a whole lot more than any innocent bystander should ever see. I would DIE if that happened to me – so to be safe I’ll just wear mine Simon Cowell style.

Five favorite toys
iPOD Shuffle
CHI Hair straighteners
Immersion/Stick Blender
Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker
Any toy that keeps my 2 year old amused for more than 5 minutes!

I think at this stage everyone has probably been tagged for this meme, so I won't tag anyone specifically. If you haven't done this already - then consider yourself tagged!

**Edited to add** - I really can spell, I promise. I just rush and don't spell check as well as I should for typos.


Kimberly said...

Reading that was rather eerie. We have just a wee bit in common. =P

andi said...

Seems like this meme is everywhere. I've gotten tagged for it myself, but have been procrastinating in actually doing it.

The Mickey Mouse Waffle Iron sounds fantastic. I myself have been lusting after a Hello Kitty toaster.

The Good Woman said...

Hey Annie - thanks for doing this - and for the plug on your last post! We really do have much in common. Especially price sensitivity. Mine is heightened in the UK. I still walk through the supermarket saying things like, 'R75 for an ordinary bottle of wine? Outrageous!' and 'How can dishwasher tablets honestly be worth R100?' (although I buy those anyway).

lady macleod said...

Fabulous, fun to read. I am with you on the song lyrics, I hang my head.

Rebecca said...

Ha! we have IMPORTANT things in common. I hate low rise jeans and skinny jeans. They are just ugly and unflattering.

Stay at home dad said...

Would a million be enough for all that?!

I'm a fan of skinny jeans, personally...

Annie said...

I was thinking 'multi-millionaire' SAHD :) Getting greedy I guess!

Slackermommy said...

Great answers! I think I need to get a Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker.

Aldara said...

LOL I laughed about the knowing lyrics question because I do not know any lyrics. I usually know the chorus of different songs but that is it. My hubby will hear a song once or twice and know all the lyrics. Its probably the reason why I am NOT musically inclined. I could never learn songs. Sorry for not commenting more often!

Rodrigo said...

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