Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I was only away 3 weeks!

It feels like so much longer given the number of things I've had to readjust to coming back.

Before heading off to Ireland, I had a little mantra I chanted regularly

'don't drive on the right,
don't burn out anyone's clutch,
don't feel claustrophobic in a smaller car,
don't use American words like 'diaper', 'cookie', 'jelly', lest people think you've gone "all funny"'

you get the idea.

I didn't think that I'd have to chant myself one coming back.

I didn't have any problems clicking into 'modus Irelandis', but coming back has been a different story!

I can't reverse my Expedition out of the garage past my husband's pick up! (not that I was really that good at doing that before!) The sprinkler heads have taken a bit of a doing - sorry D!

I drove on the LEFT yesterday! Thankfully, only in the Target parking lot (while rubbernecking at a guy stopped and handcuffed by the cops - that'll teach me to be so nosey!)

My car feels like an Ulsterbus (Greyhound bus) after driving a sleek and nifty Toyota Avensis for 3 weeks.

I have forgotten that my car does not idle in neutral at traffic lights, and if I ease my foot off the brake, the car moves - not good with a car in front (no bumpers have been damaged, yet!).

I have to source a new kind of coffee - the stuff we use (instant *gasp*) tastes putrid now, compared to the lovely brand we had in Ireland.

And the worst yet - my excursion to Walmart was actually enjoyable last night! Although, that probably has more to do with it being the first time that I have been alone, by myself, away from two sick babies in over a week, than the store, or my purchases being interesting, exciting or all that pleasant really.

It'll likely take me another 3 weeks just to get my head around everything again - such an adaptable person am I, not!


Brillig said...

Hahaha. That's so funny. Growing up, every time we came back to the states, we would laugh at how my Dad would always drive on the left side and he'd be going 60mph on little back roads where the speed limit here is 25mph. It's so hard to gear up for something so studiously, and then come home and go back to "normal." Funny! Don't kill anyone, though!

Kimberly said...

I'm still too busy being envious of your trip to feel sorry for you. =P Seriously though, sounds rough!

Absolutely Bananas said...

an enjoyable trip to Walmart? I didn't think that was possible!!

lady macleod said...

Bless your heart. sounds pretty normal. We still tell the story of me, the Southern policeman, and the night I almost drove him over ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD (says he!, well it WAS HIS country).

Keep breathin' darlin'.

DJ Kirkby said...

ha! I thought everyone back hoemd rank lovely home brew not instant! Instant was a shock to me when I moved to England! Hope your kiddies are feeling better now.

Flamenco Mom said...

Okay, so I think 'diaper' is a 'nappy' and 'cookies' are 'biscuits', but what's 'jelly'? LOL! I've had to drive on the left side of the road only once in my life, and it was scary; talk about a shock. And an enjoyable trip to Walmart? Wow!

Annie said...

Yeah the trip to Walmart may not have been that enjoyable - but I have to tell you the feeling afterwards of leaving Publix with half a cart less than I left Walmart earlier in the week - for the same money? - That's not so enjoyable either!

'Jelly' is 'Jam' :) In the UK and Ireland, jelly is what you eat with ice cream - here, that kind of jelly is called Jello.

I seriously have to flit in and out of local terms, according to whom I'm speaking at the time. Americans just look at me blankly if I don't use American words, and people from home, whom in fairness are exposed to US terminology via media and movies and do understand the different terms, will accuse me of being all 'yankified' if I use US words lol!