Wednesday, January 30, 2008

When is a cold, not a cold?

Or, things that go through your mind en route to the ER at 5:30am.

* There's an unbelievable amount of traffic on the roads at that hour.

* Even school buses - school buses?

* I hope they get us seen before the 7am shift change that causes all medical staff to disappear for upwards of an hour!

* Did I over-react when I called 911? No I didn't - Jay was struggling to breathe - the doctor told me to call 911. He needed medical attention, quickly - this was the fastest way.

* I'm really not that great at handling stress or a crisis. How could I not remember the number of our house?

* Why was that EMS lady so obnoxious to me? Has she ever woken from a silent slumber to hear her child fighting for a breath? Has she heard that hacking, barking cough from her baby? Does she know how fast this can happen? Has she seen her child's eyes pleading at her from a pallid face for help?

* Why would she think I would 'drive like a crazy lady all the way to the hospital'? just because I said I'd drive him to the ER myself - I wanted to have my vehicle with me - I'm a careful driver, (aside from having this conversation with myself).

* Why was the EMS lady so rude to the Fire Service Paramedics who got to our house before her? Doesn't she know that stressed out parents really could do without 'attitude' in an emergency? At five in the morning?

* There really are a lot of cars out here. I'm glad I get to stay at home - it would kill me to start a commute this early.

J has croup. Having scared the life out of me, stressed himself out, and received two breathing treatments and three types of oral medicine - he's doing MUCH better. I don't mind telling you though, I was terrified. I've never heard anything like his breathing this morning and I hope I never do again.

I just felt so helpless.

Thank goodness for prompt EMS teams (even if their customer service leaves a lot to be desired), and great ER doctors.

I'll be nervous for a while to come each time either of my kids gets 'just a cold'.

I'm also having a hard time letting go of some of the things the female paramedic said to me today, and more importantly the way in which she said them. Two people I've talked to about it suggest reporting her - but I'm worried if I ever had to call 911 again (God forbid) where that would leave me if she happened to be the one to respond?

I guess I'll just focus on my little man and getting him better and let the other stuff take its less important backseat until I get over it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Allergies, schmallergies!

Our visit to an allergist presented more questions than answers - isn't this the running theme of my medical appointment experience of late?

Apparently, even though blood tests have revealed that Miss E is allergic to milk and egg whites, the allergy doctor claims that she is not allergic enough to cause these hives and rashes she's been having for over a month.

His answer? The universal, catch all explanation for absolutely everything!

"It's probably a virus"

Yes, it may well be, but how unsatisfactory it is to have that explanation presented

The Allergist did acknowledge that she still could be allergic to something, and that we may never know the cause. I was bracing myself for him recommending testing to discover what - but am very grateful that he didn't.

Miss E is taking an antihistamine medicine and will be for a month, and she's on a five day steroid course (yikes!) to help calm her immune system down and see if we can get the hives to disappear. I hope they work.
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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Car Seat Contest!

Erika at Parent Product Reviews is having a great giveaway for an Evenflo Triumph Advance Deluxe Convertible Car Seat.

I am in the market for a new car seat for Miss E, and this one looks like it may very well satisfy our needs.

It's very difficult to find a car seat that has a 5 point harness, for a child over 40lbs. Miss E is fast approaching this weight limit and so we need to find a replacement for her. Most of what I have looked at in the stores only work as belt positioning boosters, above 40lbs. I'm not happy for Miss E to move to a belt positioning booster just yet, I prefer the added safety afforded by the five point harness.

I'm excited to check this seat out in store, and would be even more excited to win it in this contest!

If you are in the market for one, why not enter the contest here.

I am sharing this information because I get five chances to win if I blog about it out of the goodness of my heart and wish you the best of luck!

Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year, New Insurance Company, New Medical Issues!

So, we now know that Miss E's hives are cause by either in isolation, or combination allergies to milk, and egg whites.

While I'm relieved in some sense to have answers as to what has caused these bumps and rashes for so long - can you please indulge me in one little vent?

I do not need this shit!

Okay - it's out, I said it!

My perfectly healthy child, who has never had any major medical issues, who never had to see a doctor in over a year save for her 2 year and 3 year well child check ups - now has to see an 'Allergist'. Another 'ologist' to add to our increasing specialty experience base.

Add to this the fact that my husband's employer changed Medical Insurance and we are now on a new plan which get this - does not cover specialist visits or sick visits up to a certain deductible. So we get the thrill of forking out hundreds of dollars for upcoming appointments.

I know, I know - there are people worse off, and I should be grateful that we have insurance at all etc etc etc.....

Those vents are secondary of course to the fact that I want to know what I can and can't feed her. I gave her toast this afternoon with a skim of butter on it and it made her eyes water, and she broke out in hives around her mouth so the sooner we get to the bottom of it - and eliminate all we need to eliminate, the better.

Once again I'll ask for your input if you have any experience with Allergists, food allergies, milk and egg allergies in particular - please share them with me!