Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year, New Insurance Company, New Medical Issues!

So, we now know that Miss E's hives are cause by either in isolation, or combination allergies to milk, and egg whites.

While I'm relieved in some sense to have answers as to what has caused these bumps and rashes for so long - can you please indulge me in one little vent?

I do not need this shit!

Okay - it's out, I said it!

My perfectly healthy child, who has never had any major medical issues, who never had to see a doctor in over a year save for her 2 year and 3 year well child check ups - now has to see an 'Allergist'. Another 'ologist' to add to our increasing specialty experience base.

Add to this the fact that my husband's employer changed Medical Insurance and we are now on a new plan which get this - does not cover specialist visits or sick visits up to a certain deductible. So we get the thrill of forking out hundreds of dollars for upcoming appointments.

I know, I know - there are people worse off, and I should be grateful that we have insurance at all etc etc etc.....

Those vents are secondary of course to the fact that I want to know what I can and can't feed her. I gave her toast this afternoon with a skim of butter on it and it made her eyes water, and she broke out in hives around her mouth so the sooner we get to the bottom of it - and eliminate all we need to eliminate, the better.

Once again I'll ask for your input if you have any experience with Allergists, food allergies, milk and egg allergies in particular - please share them with me!


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor peanut. No advice, but vent away. I'd be pretty pissed that my insurance company was delaying proper medical care. That's ridiculous.

And hey, this is America, where every kid gets their own -ologist!

Life As I Know It said...

I have no advice or experience, just wanted to say I'm sorry! I hope you find out what she is allergic to soon!

Feener said...

i am so sorry to hear the news. yes it is good you know, but seriously that is a lot to handle.

i know someone who has milk allergy and she said oreo's are a good treat ???

was the doc surprised it came out in her so late in life vs. early on ??

Kimberly said...

I've a friend whose little boy is allergic to milk. They eat a lot of soy products, and he's okay if the milk is baked into something. I've another friend, adult, who is allergic to eggs. That's just such a rough one. So much stuff has eggs in it, stuff you wouldn't necessarily think would. She has to check the labels on everything.

Who cares if others are worse off, it still bites the big one. Vent away!

AliBlahBlah said...

Oh your poor things, I hope you get to the bottom of it soon so you can both stop suffering. And I agree with the rant about health insurances (I manage a medical practice) it just seems so wrong that people find out how poorly covered they very often are when they're they're in the most stressed out periods of their lives! Good luck with everything.

Flamenco Mom said...

Girl, you so totally don't need that shit! And about the new insurance thing, WTF? I've been dealing with insurance company BS for years, and it annoys the bejesus out of me still. Best of luck with that. BTW I'll send you a recipe or two this evening.

shauna said...

I don't have any experience or advice. But I wanted to say you're right--you don't need that $%@*. I hope you get it figured out soon too! Good luck and hugs to your little girl.

Deborah said...

Holy crap Annie - that totally sucks, and out of nowhere! I guess a similar thing happened when I was a child here in ireland. Had to give up all dairy - I was about 5 - just remember the not being allowed ice-cream. Tragic! But on a positive note it only lasted for about a year.

Rice milk is really yummy and a great substitute in baking and coconut oil is also great as a butter/margarine sub. So sorry you have to go through this. My thoughts are with you all!

laurie said...

so sorry!

my nephew had milk allergies from birth. he was very sick as a baby, until they figured it out.

but soy milk, soy butter....she should be able to handle that just fine.

good luck.

and i'm sorry our insurance companies are so sucky.

Iota said...

Go to Pig in the Kitchen's blog (on my blogroll). She had exactly the same reaction as you when her daughter was diagnosed with allergies: "I don't have time for this!" She has loads of recipes - for when you have come to terms with all the things to avoid - and in the meantime will entertain you with her fun stories and amusing takes on life. I think she will show you that there is life after allergies, (but her most recent post is about meningitis, so skip that one for the time being).

I had a Christmas card from a friend in England whose boy was severely allergic to dairy products, which said that he had just had the all clear. They can grow out of these things, so don't despair.

Get someone who knows their way round your local health food shop to go with you and explain stuff to you, and have a good dig around for all their nicest things to make yourself feel better.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that sucks. And it seems like a lot of things have either milk or eggs in it. Ugh.

The only advice I have is to move here. Then you could get free medical visits and we could hang out. What do you say?


Pig in the Kitchen said...

I can SO empathise with the 'I do not need this shit' comment! It's a bloody pain in the arse and WHY can't they cure allergies in one day with a pill. There, I'm venting too! Then I wouldn#'t have to read every damn label, stress EVERY day over what to cook for tea, or hoover my daughter's mattress every morning.
Glad i found your blog, hope the tests were helpful in some way, let us know!

Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

OH, I'm so sorry for you and Miss E! Did this just suddenly spring up out of nowhere? I have a friend of the family whose kids are allergic to everything, I can ask her for recipes. I know that the silk soy milk is actually pretty tasty, so maybe Miss E won't mind it!

jennifer said...

Oh no. How terrible, all of it. Hope there is a light at the end of this "ologist" tunnel.

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Oh no! You definitely don't need this. I'm so sorry. No advice, just support.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

On top of everything else, now this! Oh annie, I'm so sorry. But you know you have a lot of love and support out here.

Tacy said...

Thanks for writing this.