Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Princess Cake and a Reality Check!

Hmmm - so you remembered about the Cinderella carriage cake then eh?

Yeah, I kind of wimped out on that one. To list my excuses:

•A trial run on Baby J's birthday cake revealed that I had rather over estimated my cake decorating skills!

•I have two kids aged 3 and 1 that require lots of supervision to keep them out of toilets, dishwashers, pot drawers, and you-name-it-dangerous-places.

•For the month of October we've been on the medical merry-go-round with Baby J with doctors visits.

•I couldn't find a ball shaped cake tin in time (*snort* this would be because I didn't really look that hard!)

•Did I mention I have two kids - aged 3 and 1?

Who was I kidding?

I humbly recognise that Jane Asher can make beautiful cakes like that because she's well practiced in the art of cake decorating and I may have cheerfully paid her or anyone else over $800 to deliver a beautiful cake here on Sunday as I was trying to assemble the cake that Miss E ended up with.

She wanted a Princess Cake, and some pink icing and creative work with some scrapbooking stickers, a Princess Cake she got!


Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

I think it looks great--and since it was made with love, its the best cake she could have had. I too am practicing the cake-decorating...I am ok, but not so good at keeping the writing in a straight line. Practice makes perfect though!

Julie Pippert said...

Your cake is lovely and I bet your daughter adored it. :)

We made a completely CRAZY Care Bear castle cake. Looked CRAZY but my five year old helped and she was SO PROUD.

That's what matter, not something for Martha Stewart magazine.

Although I admire your ambition. :)

Using My Words

pinks & blues girls said...

Your cake is just lovely... made with a mom's love and so beautiful!

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Deborah said...

I think it's gorgeous! My Miss E also wanted a princess cake (when will it end?) and I sent my Dad up North to Asda with instructions that it had to be a princess cake. He brought home an awful looking pink thing, but she loved it! Wish I had the talent to make something as lovely as yours! Well done!!!

andi said...

I think it's great! And God save us from the evil of princesses, already. I'm ready for the next phase - how about you?

(BTW - I love her name. I was hoping that was it).

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

That looks better than anything I could have done. It's the taste that matters anyway.

laurie said...

i like your cake MUCH BETTER. for one thing, it looks edible. deliciously so!

good job. the other one, while pretty, is also a little bit scary. i woudln't know where to bite. and there's no soft frosting to smear all over a baby's face!

Iota said...

It's a triumph!

Claire said...

I agree that the princess cake that you made looks much more user friendly and inviting. The carriage cake was beautiful but I think I might feel guilty eating something that took that much work.

Claire from Oooh Baby Baby


Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I think your cake is terrific!

I'm going through this same thing this week...I decided to make cupcakes!

dawn224 said...

looks great to me!

Anonymous said...

Try using stainless steel mixing bowls instead of expensive round cake molds. Might need a bit of trimming, but it'll yield the basic shape, depending on the bowl shape itself.