Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Three, Miss E!

Today is your third birthday. My baby is becoming a little girl (although you regularly argue with me that you are a BIG girl!)

You've known your birthday was on the horizon for over two weeks as you watched all the parcels arrive for your brother's first birthday, and helped us prepare for his party. Each time you insisted that all of this was for you, we carefully explained that it would be your turn, soon.

You showed remarkable patience, accepting each day when we would tell you how many more days until your birthday. I was delighted to be able to answer your excitement this morning as you ran into my room breathlessly asking 'Is it my birthday NOW?' - Yes it IS! 'Let's get organized and get dressed before my birthday guests come' you said to me, and I'm still scratching my head, wondering did you just turn 13, and not 3?

You watched me prepare your cake yesterday evening, tempted regularly to stick your fingers in the frosting, and were placated only when I gave you the mixing beater to lick. Your Daddy wasn't impressed with me allowing you to do this on the brink of bedtime, but we can make special allowances for birthday girls.

You have been positively fizzy with excitement each time you heard the doorbell ring over the last few days, and that tell tale thud of a big box being dropped at the door by the UPS guy! My plans of surreptitiously removing these parcels and keeping them until today, thwarted by your adorable dancing around the living room chanting 'I got a parcel, I got a parcel'. I knew we'd have mass devastation on our hands if I made you wait to open the boxes, and so you were showered with wonderful early presents thanks to all your family in Ireland.

Three years ago today you made me a mother. Daddy carried you over to me all wrapped up in a blanket with your chubby little face peeking out from under a little hat. Your face wasn't the only chubby part of your 9lb 6oz self!

You have grown in leaps and bounds since then. Talking up a storm from a very early age, and now I believe are destined for a career in Law with your uncanny ability to present an argument, and redirect Mummy or Daddy's attention so as to avoid trouble for yourself!

You make me laugh every day, (and sometimes cry, too!). You are a fierce, fiesty, energetic, comical and loving little lady.

You are growing to be protective of your brother (a welcome change since you were at times the one he needed protection from!). You love him with all your heart and are so crestfallen when he has to take a nap and he isn't there to play with you.

Daddy and I were in love with you from the very first instant we saw you. You've changed our world, you rock our world and you make us very happy, and proud to be your parents.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! I love you to the moon, and back!


Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

Happy Birthday Miss E!

pinks & blues girls said...

So beautiful, Annie! And wowzers, Miss E certainly was a big baby at birth!!

I hope she has a wonderfully joyous day!

Jane, Pinks & Blues

andi said...

I'm bawling over here, because as you know, I could have written so many of these things about my own Miss E. What a beautiful letter for a beautiful girl. I loved the line about her protecting her brother when you used to have to protect him from her (so true!)

And 9lbs 6oz? You are my new hero, my friend.

Deborah said...

A few of us have our own Miss E eh?

Happy birthday... beautiful letter as usual! ;-) Hope you had a fab day... do we get to see cake pictures? ;-) Did you do the Cinderella carriage?

Flamenco Mom said...

Happy Birthday to Miss E! I love the photos of your kids, Annie--they're so adorable!

Iota said...

Ah yes, the Cinderella carriage. I remember that.

This is a lovely letter.