Thursday, October 4, 2007

Me-me meh meh, doo doo de doo doo!

It's been a while, and I've done these memes before, but since I have some new readers, and have been asked so nicely, I'm going to do them again. I'll change the answers up a bit so as not to give anyone deja-vu.

Doodaddy has tagged me for this Ten Questions Meme.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was working in Marketing in a large bank and feeling surprised and not a little delighted that the guy I met on holidays a month ago was keeping in touch with me. This guy is now my husband.

2. What were you doing one year ago?

I was lumbering around, large and lovely, expecting Baby J to arrive any day. Countless bouts of contractions and two scares with premature labour had me believing he'd have been here by now. I was also feeling very sad for the Amish mothers in Lancaster, PA who were all over the news after a crazed gunman executed their children in their schoolroom. I thought of them a lot when I had Joseph, and talked with the nurses about them, and the scary world I'd brought my son into.

3. What are five snacks you enjoy?

Chocolate (is there anyone who doesn't enjoy this?)
Ice cream
Edamame (a very newly discovered snack for me and I'm thrilled that it's healthy!)
Chips and Salsa
More chocolate!

4. What are 5 songs you know the lyrics to?

Unless you count nursery rhymes, there are aren't many songs to which I know all the lyrics (well, at a pinch I could belt out all of Don Maclean's 'American Pie', but there has to be beer involved.)
I could also make a fair stab at the title of this blog post, a la The Muppet Show

5. Five things you'd do if you were a millionaire?

Pay off debt.
Share it with family.
Donate to charity.
Buy a new closet full of clothes (if I could borrow Stacey and Clinton from 'What not to Wear', all the better, again there might have to be beer involved to save me from hurt feelings - they're very blunt aren't they?)
Move house.

6. Five bad habits.

Blogging when I should be doing housework, or starting the dinner!
Letting clean laundry pile up so I have to iron it all (see first bad habit).
Getting to after 12pm and thinking about lunch, only to realise I have not yet eaten breakfast.
Dropping four letter words when I shouldn't!
Shouting at bad drivers (this involves some of those four letter words that I shouldn't be using).

7. Five things you like to do.

Walk around this beautiful lake.

Read with my children.
Read without my children (and preferably books without pictures.)
Welcome visitors to our home.
Make people happy.

8. Five things you would never wear.

Leggings - oh wait, too late - I wore them in the 80s, and bought them again in May when in Ireland - not sure what I was thinking, either time!
I'll probably never wear a bikini again.
A Celtic shirt at Ibrox (only a select few readers will get this!)
'Mom' Jeans.

9. Five favourite toys

My computer.
My ipod.
My new camera.
Miss E's lego and Miss E's puzzles.

10. Five things you hate to do.

Go to the GYN when I'm not pregnant. I'm overdue an annual, and hate the thought of going!
I hate doing the tax return. Each year I get better organized with the information and keep good records, but it is a hateful job.
I hate watching my husband's choice in TV shows - Cops?, World's Most Shocking Police Chases?, Dirty Jobs? Anything starring Clint Eastwood years ago?
I hate cleaning up after mealtimes these days since more food seems to land on the floor, than in little tummies than seems reasonable to me.
I hate running late for appointments, or playdates, yet we do, every.single.time!

Phew - that was harder than I thought. Now if you're still awake, I'd like to remedy that by presenting yet another list of oh not so fascinating facts about me. Momchatter tagged me for a 'Five interesting factoids about me' meme. She also awarded me some very nice blog awards which I'll post separately.

So Momchatter - here are your 5 facts about me, I hope you're not sorry you asked ha ha!

1. I was born in Zimbabwe (it was known as Rhodesia when I was born). - I've mentioned about being born in Africa, not sure if I've ever revealed exactly where. My parents lived in Zambia, and crossed the border into Zimbabwe where I was delivered by a doctor in his private clinic. Apparently this clinic wasn't far from here:

2. My Mum and Dad brought be back to Zambia when I was a day old. That was when I crossed my first international border. I lived there with them until I was almost 2 years old. I would love to travel back to Zambia and Zimbabwe some day - but not while Mugabe remains president of Zimbabwe.

3. At University I had no clear idea of what I wanted as a career. I took my career teacher at school's advice and chose subjects that interested me. This is why I graduated with a Major in Economic and Social History, and a Minor in Psychology. A bit of an odd mixture, but a perfect combination as I later found out, for a career in marketing.

4. I had long labours with both my children and pushed for 3 hours with Miss E, and 2.5 hours with Baby J. My OB has no idea why it takes me so long, just lucky I guess! Baby J was born facing upwards and this combined with the length of time I was pushing left him with huge bruising on his wee head that took 2 weeks to disappear. His pediatrician suspected that it wasn't bruising, and it was instead permanent birthmarking - so you can imagine how upset I was at that - and how relieved I am that he was wrong.

5. When I moved here to Central Florida five years ago, I was itching to move to South Florida where my cousin lives, so that I would be closer to someone in my family. D had worked there before so I thought it would be an option - it wasn't. I've spent the last 5 years getting comfortable here, and now he wants to move to South Florida and I don't!

*ahem*, *AHEM*, you can stop snoring now, and wipe that dribble off your chin - it's over now, all finished!

Thanks to Doodaddy and Momchatter for the tags. I'm not going to pass on the meme, because the one time that I did tag others for a meme (when my standard MO was not to tag), nobody did it! [Sticking my bottom lip out as far as it will go in true Miss E style]!


Self employed mum said...

Hi, thanks this is the first time I've read your blog, wasn't my timing good? So I feel like I know you well. I get the Rangers/Celtic thing, I live in Glasgow very funny and very true. Fantastic pictures x

andi said...

I would have answered the ten questions very similarly. Especially about the chocolate, mmm...

Mom Chatter said...

Thanks for sharing... and no, I'm not sorry I asked. I still think you have a very interesting life story! I'm so with you on the chocolate snack, hating doing taxes, and the cleaning, too! :)