Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Britney's got nothing on me!

Today, while my back was turned, Baby J fell out of his highchair.

To all those people who asked when the media went to town on Britney Spears for this very thing, 'How can a mother let this happen?' Let me tell you.

She can let it happen when she's stupid.

When she carelessly and complacently assumes that her baby will be fine for the few moments her back is turned.

When she has the fabric cover and the straps of the highchair off, to be washed, so her baby is hemmed in only by the tray of the chair.

When she thinks the tray is enough to keep him safe.

When she takes a chance that no mother should ever take - especially when she knows what a climber her baby is turning out to be. They don't put the straps on there for no reason!

He seems fine, after a lot of crying and repeated head to toe examinations of him for lumps and bumps I'm satisfied that he did not hit his head (on the ceramic tile floor!). All his limbs are fine and he brightened up not long after this happened and was his usual happy self. I did not take him to the ER - but of course I'm second guessing that and I'm worried sick, 'what if he's hurt something I can't see?'

I feel like a completely neglectful mother. I take him to all these tests for his hearing to make sure we are on top of it and I can't adequately supervise him and protect him from danger right under my nose?

You think you're a candidate for 'Mommy of the Year' Megan?

I think I've trumped you. If it's 'Crap Mommy of the Year' we're going for, that is.


Serina Hope said...

Oh don't be so hard on yourself. You wouldn't feel bad if you weren't a great mom.

Deborah said...

Oh Annie... I know the guilt, but girl that is NOTHING!!! I can't even tell you the number of time Ciara has fallen down the stairs or off the couch only to get a black eye or big bump on her head... it's awful... I get too scared to bring her out as I'm afraid of what people will think! Right now she's got scabs all over her forehead for taking a dive in the gravel. It never ends. I used to feel really bad, now I just put it down to her vivacious nature and energy! Was never a problem with the older one... *SIGH* I can only imagine it will be worse with a boy! So don't beat yourself up... we've ALL been there... more often than once I suspect! ;-)

laurie said...

i can imagine the guilt you feel. but kids are pretty durable. i went down the basement stairs in my stroller when i was a toddler. knocked out all my teeth; i had no front teeth for years, until my adult teeth came in.

as far as i can tell, i survived it just fine.

dont' worry!!! you are clearly an excelletn, loving and deeply caring mother.

Anonymous said...

Oh Annie.

I know that feeling.

I'm sorry.

Glad he's okay.

Are you?

andi said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. When E was a baby, she fell off the change table (once with me and once with Jay). And one time, while Jay was holding her, I whacked the side of her head with the corner of a pizza box. I felt so guilty - but as far as I can tell there hasn't been any lasting damage. :)

slackermommy said...

I've pulled a few Britney's myself. I prefer to call them Freebies From God. Little incidents to remind us to be more vigilant.

Whenever you feel like your mommy ego needs a boost, email me and I'll share my Britney moments.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Just today at the library, Carson fell and started crying. He'd barely bumped his head so I told him to get over it and that he wasn't hurt...then I saw the blood on his mouth. Ahhh yes, I'm in the running for MOTY award, too.

dawn224 said...

so there's your story. everyone gets a story. we have them to taunt with later...

I'm glad he's okay :)

Iota said...

Expunge it from your memory. There will surely be other "bad mommy" incidents to take its place as time rolls on. That's because they're not "bad mommy" incidents but "normal life" incidents.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Well, I think a lot of us would be in competition for that. I remember stepping away from the changing table for ONE second and my daughter rolling over and banging her head on the radiator on the way down.

Julie Pippert said...

We've all BTDT. Mine? Was the baby off my high bed onto the hardwood floors.

Glad everyone is okay and know really...we've BTDT.

Using My Words

Christine said...

Oh, Annie...we've all been there! Please just shake it off and forgive yourself. We're only human, not perfect, and we make mistakes. Give yourself a hug!

Deborah said...

On another note Annie one of my friends Grandmother is Native American. She has some thing where she believes all babies need to fall off a bed before their first birthday for luck, to the point that if they haven't yet, she'll roll them off herself! My friend told me this after I was having one of these guilt moments when my first rolled off the bed. ;-)

Velveteen Mind Megan said...

I still win because Goose fell off of our bed onto a concrete floor. Onto his head. Twice.

Remember when I started surrounding him with bubble wrap instead of training him to take naps in his crib?

I win. But maybe I'll share. Missives from Suburbia made a fun bit of blog bling for my Mommy of the Year claim, so let's share it.

Kellan said...

This stuff happens to all of us. Good thing Baby J was alright! If only we had 6 hands and eyes in the back of our heads. Take Care. Kellan

Oh, The Joys said...

Yep. The back turned. That's when the Rooster fell head first off the changing table too.

Iota said...

I've just remembered that the midwife in our ante-natal classes said "one thing all parents need to know is that all babies roll off a bed at some point". Wise midwife.

Mine did, by the way.

Bananas said...

Oh, don't beat yourself up over it... it really does happen to everyone!