Friday, May 18, 2007

Two for the price of one.

Memes that is!

I have been tagged by Jenny at Absolutely Bananas, and The Good Woman at My Wee Scottish Blog, (a great blog I discovered recently, you should check it out) to complete two decidedly different memes.

I am grateful for these, as I hurriedly gather our things together, sort holiday(vacation) laundry, go through various 'to do' lists, what better break from the madness that is getting ready for a long trip, than a cup of coffee and a bit o' blogging. Memes are the perfect way to do this without having to scratch around for anything resembling earth shattering (or even mildly interesting), topics!

Jenny wants to know what I'll be like when I'm old.

When I'm an old woman I will be:
  1. Grateful that I made it to old womanhood!
  2. Fat, if I keep eating these Milky Ways (Mars Bars) that make their way mysteriously into the shopping trolley, and later my fridge!
  3. Possibly still potty training my daughter?
  4. Still in love with my husband.
  5. Happy to have had a life well lived, and filled with many wonderful people and memories.

Sorry it took me so long to get around to this one, as I said in a comment recently, isn't it annoying when life gets in the way of blogging?

The Good Woman is asking me to reveal eight facts about myself, and never one to turn down a chance to talk about myself, here you go:

  1. I am terrified of the flights we have to undertake in the week ahead, not terrified of flying (well, not really), just terrified of my toddler and the mayhem that will inevitably surround us as we lurch through check-ins, security and boarding with two small children, their stroller and their nappy bags, trailing our luggage and sanity behind us! (Just remembered I need to add this Rescue Remedy to my shopping list. Not as effective as a stiff drink, but alas as much as a nursing mother can get away with!)

  2. I became an Auntie for the first time at the end of January, and I get to meet my new nephew for the first time next week. I can't wait to get my hands on him and hug him and kiss his gorgeous chubby cheeks, right on his equally gorgeous dimples, which are a bit like an 'x marks the spot' for kisses, really!

  3. I recently went back to Walmart to pay for a $5 hand towel that the cashier forgot to scan (I bought two towels amidst all my groceries, she must have thought there was only one). Lots of people think I'm daft for doing it, but it just bugged me that I knew I had something I didn't pay for.

  4. I am always one step behind in this blogging gig. I only started a few weeks ago, and each time I feel like I've learned something to keep up with everyone else, for example mybloglog, readers, sitemeter, technorati - (still not sure on technorati!) then everyone else moves on and I'm back feeling like the dunce of the class again. For example, how people can read my blog 'under the radar' or in 'lurk' mode bugs me! Not because I can't see them reading it (that is nice though), but because I don't know how to do it on someone else's blog, and before you call me a stalker, my only motivation for wanting to know is so that I don't look like the eager beaver checking back several times a day to blogs to follow up on any comments that might be interesting to read lol! So any of you seasoned bloggers who want to take pity on me and direct me to Blogging 101, or give me your own personal tutorial, I'm all ears!

  5. I love musicals. Doris Day? Rogers and Hammerstein? Gene Kelly? Bring them on. My husband detests any movie in which 'people just burst into song, out of the blue, and for no reason', and sadly I don't get to watch many of them these days. I love stage musicals too, Les Miserables, and Miss Saigon being my favourites.

  6. I used to play the Irish Harp, and the Oboe. The Oboe was a short lived experiment. I wasn't good at it straight away, and so I gave up. Plus, that reed was too darned tickly on my lips! The Harp playing fizzled out when I left school, but I credit my time playing it with my ability to pick out tunes on the piano.

  7. I am a procrastinator extraordinaire. I wish I wasn't because it costs money at times, like when we recently had to pay over $200 for our son's passport because we needed to pay extra for expediting fees and two way overnight postage so that we'd have it in time for our trip! My excuse for being a procrastinator is that I do my best work under pressure, and it drives my husband nuts.

  8. My coffee is now cold because I didn't think I'd take this long to do this ha ha! Just another example of how I can't concisely state facts, but have to ramble over many sentences instead!
As the tradition of memes goes I am supposed to tag others for this, but I'm going to follow my recent trend of saying 'feel free to do it if you want' because to the sound of 'mommy I did pee pee on the carpet' it's time for me to wrap up this post, pronto!


Life As I Know It said...

I love musicals too (and my husband hates them)...and I would be happy to start a procrastinator's support group with you. But knowing me, I'd never get around to it ;)

Anonymous said...

This was a great way to get to know you...

I make sure that I sneak a few items out of those stores with lots and lots of stuff...I'm not a thief, just forgetful...hee hee...

I love musicals. West Side Story, Meet Me in St. Louis...I could go on...

lady macleod said...

I wandered over from the Wee Scotish Blog. I agree with you it is grand.

You should get that scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail about the bursting into song for Husband!

I'm sorry I frightened you with the crashing and burning... I am a pilot (just the small stuff) and I can tell you once you get the liftoff done, you are good until landing. So just sweat those two events and enjoy the rest of the flight. Did I just make it worse?

Shauna said...

Great list!
No, you won't be potty training your daughter when you're old. She, however, might be changing your diapers! (sorry, I couldn't pass that up).

Word Imp said...

Nice to meet you. Blogging is great isn't it? I also find life gets in the way of blogging!

The Good Woman said...

Hi Annie
Thanks for acting on the tag - and the great 'review'. You are a truly generous blogger.

Feel I should let you into a little secret - Rescue Remdy basically is a stiff drink cunningly packaged. Huge alcohol content...and highly effective.

I find flying with a toddler a good diversion. As you now know I'm scared of flying (or rather falling from the sky as Lady M pointed out) and Bambi's desire to run around aeroplanes singing songs to all who will listen is a good diversion from white-knuckled panic.

Bon voyage - have a good one.

Annie said...


Shauna - that thought did cross my mind, I shuddered and quickly dismissed it - thanks for bringing it up again lol!

The Good Woman - I knew that about Rescue Remedy - I'll be taking it nonetheless lol! - just a few drops though :) In booking these flights, I worked with a travel agent, and not online for the sole purpose of making sure that the aircraft we would fly on would have two aisles, plenty of room for Miss E to run around in - so I'm glad to hear that in your experience it helps!