Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rain Dance Anyone?

With two hundred odd wild fires burning across Florida, twenty of them major, I feel the stress factor rising.

The air quality is horrible here right now - I open my patio doors and it feels like all the neighbours are burning trash in their backyards. Today and yesterday were better than earlier in the week, but the weather experts say smoke is going to be lingering courtesy of what was Tropical Storm Andrea. This makes being outside unpleasant, and those of you with toddlers will know how some days you! My inconvenience aside - it's very unsettling to see what these fires are doing to the atmosphere, to people with breathing difficulties not to mention any settled areas under threat.

Growing up in Ireland, I'd cheerfully have gone a long stretch without rain, it rains all the time there (the price of all that emerald-ness), but boy do we need some of the wet stuff around here.

So as the rhyme goes 'Rain Rain go away, come again another day' - today would work!


Jenny said...

ewww! sorry to hear about your misery... I hope it goes away soon.

Aldara said...

I am so parents are in Tampa and my mom said that it was horrible over there yesterday, with all the smoke in the air. I pray that it will all clear up!

moodswingingmommy said...

Yuck! I was thinking about you when I watched the weather report yesterday. I hope it lets up!

subarctic mama said...

I can relate. A few summers ago five million acres were burning in Alaska. Living her was like standing next to a big bonfire. I was eight months pregnant too. I hope it rains soon.