Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Chinese Freeze Tag

Shauna from Pass the Chocolate tagged me for a game of "Chinese Freeze Tag." Here's how to play:

I'll write 10 (maybe not very) interesting facts about me and/or habits of mine.
I'm supposed to tag 10 people, but since I've seen this on a few blogs that I read - I'm running out of options (and don't say read more blogs - I read too many as it is!)

Here are my ten fascinating facts, and no yawning permitted:

  1. I fell out of an upstairs window when I was five years old and got away with just a broken arm (and gave my pregnant mother a near heart attack!)

  2. I learned to drive a manual (stick shift) car, and that is the only type I drove in Ireland. Now that I'm so used to driving an automatic, I find it hard to adjust to manual when I visit Ireland. We're going home soon for a visit, so here's hoping I don't burn anyone's clutch out!

  3. I called someone yesterday whom I met through a mommy message board! She is a very nice person, and I felt totally comfortable calling her and I'm very glad that I did :) She's a great listener (I didn't really give her much choice!), and if she forgives me for chatting while her pizza was going cold, maybe we'll do it again some day and talk about more superficial stuff.

  4. I hate mushrooms. I think it's just the texture, because they don't really have a 'taste'. I can't even force myself to eat them if they're in a meal I eat at someone's house - I have to embarrass myself and push them to the side of my plate.

  5. I like mashed banana on toast, with a slice of cheese melted over the top. Sounds gross - but try it.

  6. I cannot touch my toes without bending my knees - and I think this has something to do with my legs being 3.5 ft long (heel to hip - a fact I had to determine as part of a statistics exercise once lol!)

  7. I am to be Matron of Honor at my sister's wedding in Ireland next year - at 36 I may be the oldest bridesmaid in history!

  8. I have a congenital malformation of my brain, discovered in December 2006 after a cat scan following a bad fall I had. Apparently my brain at the base of my skull extends further than it's meant to. I've never had any ill effects from this and I like to think of it as me being so brainy that my head can't hold it all in :). Knowing this now however does kind of freak me out a little and messes with the hypochondriac in me.

  9. I am escaping from the kids , am spending some quality time with friends on an evening out this week (can you tell I'm excited??)

  10. I drop the 'f bomb' entirely too often - I'm trying to do better!

So, there you have it - kept you riveted didn't I? I feel bad not passing on the tags - but seriously I'm not sure if I even have 10 people who read this - so I won't embarrass myself by trying to come up with 10 names ha ha! Feel free to do it if you like - good for days when you're running out of blogging material :)


Jenny said...

I'm sorry, but mashed banana on toast with cheese is entirely too much for me to handle this morning! Where did you ever come up with that???

Brillig said...

Hahaha. This was a blast to read! I feel like I "know" you better now. And yeah, I've been tagged for this one too (and no, I have no idea when I'm gonna get to it) but the last bit about tagging ten people is very daunting!

Annie said...

Jenny - I did a dumb project when I was 11 or so, in school for Geography class, on bananas - my beautifully decorated project folder had a 'recipe' section and my teacher suggested it. She said she loved it, I reacted like you did - but gave it a try and now I love it too!

Shauna said...

Great list!
I can't believe you fell out of a window! And mashed banana, toast and cheese sounds gross. Nicholas would probably love it - all his faves together!

Life As I Know It said...

Great list. I'll have to take your word for it on the mashed banana and cheese on toast though...

Rebecca said...

mushrooms do so have a taste!

Jennifer said...

Mashed banana on toast..hmm.

And the f-bomb is so much fun to say, vulgar yes, but oh so fun!

Dana said...

I'm going to have to take your word on the banana, cheese and toast thing, but I completely agree with you on mushrooms!

Lisamomtothree said...

Ah, someone I like who has a potty mouth like me. Sometimes the f bomb is so necessary!

Oh, The Joys said...

F bomb. Guilty. Mainly because I'm a klutz and always bonking my head or other body parts on something.

The Humble Housewife said...

Too funny! I love the ole banana sandwich too, but with salt and butter not cheese! The husband thinks it's weird, but then I think PB&J is weird! As for the f bomb.. lol! Me too... totally guilty. I try to keep it off the blog though... And on the brain thing... I have a cycst in my brain... get an MRI every couple of years to make sure it's still ok!

Oh yeah... I used to abhor mushrooms... but my family all love them. I made an effort to try them and now I can deal with them ok. They say it takes 10-12 tries of a food you don't like before you get used to it! Hehe... good luck! ;-)

Annie said...

PB&J IS weird Deborah - I've always thought so too! Klutz here also, I have the hacked up shins to prove it, and yes sometimes there are circumstances where only the F word will do - but it's BAD!! Especially when uttered within earshot of little people who like to repeat everything they hear - thankfully (by some miracle) my toddler has not repeated it - and that's the way I'd like it to stay :)