Monday, April 16, 2007

Flamenco Mom - Five Questions

I have jumped on this little interview bandwagon, to get, and keep my blog ball rolling. Flamenco Mom has asked me the five questions below. If you would like to join in, read the instructions after my 'interview' and I'll interview you.
  1. If you had a choice between living in the mountains or by the ocean, which would you choose and why? Ocean. I am 5ft 9, the air is thin enough up here thank you. Plus, more of our families will visit if we lived near the beach. There are mountains aplenty in Ireland (well more like big hills, but never mind).
  2. Would you like to have more children, or have you not thought about it yet? Oh yes I’ve thought about it, plenty. I waver on this one, a lot. My husband is set on two (mind you for a while he thought one was just fine so who knows?). I just have this feeling deep down that I’m meant to have at least one more. I had rough elements to both my pregnancies, and last time, especially with two bouts of preterm labor I pretty much convinced myself I couldn’t go through with another pregnancy. Then baby was born, and we now have the benefit of some distance between those negative pregnancy feelings, I look at what a wonderful sweet baby he is and I ask myself – ‘how could I not want another one of these?’ Then I look at my wonderful, spirited, feisty and sometimes exasperating daughter and ask myself ‘how could I cope with another one of these?’ lol! Do you think I’m indecisive? I don’t know, yes? No? Maybe? At any rate, if I do want another one, we’d better get our skates on; I’ll be 35 next month (yuck!).
  3. What is your favorite film? Steel Magnolias – I wish I could put some big ‘high brow’ epic in here and make myself sound all intelligent and interesting – but that really is my favourite. Any movie that can make me cry and laugh, and go ‘aha, I know someone just like that’ – is a goodie in my book. When my relatives come to visit me they are all taken by the southern accents they hear around them and often times tell me it’s like living in ‘Steel Magnolias’
  4. What would be your ideal vacation? Definitely in a luxury log cabin resort, with gorgeous big fires cracking and spitting in a big open fireplace complete with obligatory furry rug to lie on in front of it. Somewhere in the mountains in Colorado (I have nothing against visiting the mountains), in winter. I’d love to be out snowmobiling or dog-sledding, or some other bundle-up-to-keep-warm activities by day, and eating delicious decadent meals in the evening. Our kids will have to stay at home, we’ll arrange for Nana or Granny to come to stay and mind them. Of course, enjoying this vacation would depend on me surmounting the inevitable guilt I would feel at leaving them behind – I even feel guilty just sitting here speculating about it!
  5. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? I would love the power to pause time, for little spells, so that I could soak in more of the ‘baby’ time that E has left. She is growing up so quickly – she looks, and talks like a four year old yet she is only two and a half. I even have to remind myself that she’s still so young when I find myself expecting too much of her. Yesterday she said ‘whatever’ to me – where did that come from? Recently she has told me ‘you look brutiful mommy’, she has also donned a hat and said ‘very distinguished’ (thank you Little Bear!), and uses words like ‘certainly’ – huh? I’m happy that she’s got good vocabulary – but I mourn somewhat for the babyhood she is rapidly leaving behind.

    Also, if that ‘pause function’ would still leave me free to move, it sure would come in handy when I can see that she is about to clobber her baby brother, but he’s beyond arms reach so I can’t prevent it happening – yes, that would be useful every day, sometimes several times a day!

So, if you want to ride our bandwagon, leave me a comment with 'interview me' in the text, and I will email you five spiffing new questions :)


Aldara said...

You can interview me if you like! Don't worry about thepotty son was not potty trained until 3.5 and he basically did it within a few days!

moodswingingmommy said...

Interview away, if you'd like! I always like to talk about myself (as if you haven't noticed :) )

moodswingingmommy said...

What I wouldn't give for the ability to pause time, too. What a great answer!