Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fourteen Months Already?

Today Baby J you are fourteen months old. Not so much a baby anymore. Time for a name change. From here on in we'll call you 'Jay' - which is how I refer to you from time to time.

The first year of your life has gone so quickly - and has been peppered with all these tests on your hearing, and on other parts of you, many times we wondered would it ever end? While you certainly haven't endured as many tests as some little babies, the fact that you are healthy, and developing normally has had all of us question why we're putting you though it all.

You have been a trooper throughout - engaging everyone in your beautiful mild manner, and your gorgeous smile. You have had CAT scans, sedated procedures, kidney ultrasounds, heart EKGs, Genetics, ENT and Neurology exams and each time we get a resounding 'NORMAL' back in the test results (well we're still waiting for the EKG results but it looks good that it is normal, too). Your Neurologist wanted to do a brain MRI, but on learning that you would have to undergo general anesthetic - Mummy and Daddy decided not to go through with this one, because nothing about you indicates an urgent need for this test and we don't want anyone putting you to sleep when we don't consider it absolutely necessary. We have one more little test, an eye exam which we'll put off until after Christmas - we all need a bit of a break. We think this test will be fine too, and hopefully after it's over we'll be in a position with the doctors to review everything and conclude that you have a tiny little hearing loss and that it is isolated and not connected to, or complicated by anything else. We will keep having your hearing checked to keep an eye on it - but we pray always that it stays stable as it is now and that it never gives you any bother.

You have had many lessons to teach us throughout the last 14 months, and some of them your Mummy has been a bit slow to learn.

You look at me with your huge blue eyes and your big smile and you reassure me that everything is, and will be okay! You have hit all your milestones on or before the 'normal' timeframes.

While I was feeling anxious in your younger months, you were busy growing in leaps and bounds - making your mark in our little family. Interacting with your sister - and holding your own against her (which is no mean feat!).

You started to talk and will now excitedly exclaim 'DADEEEEE' when you hear the kitchen door open in the evenings. You place your chubby fingers over your face and say 'Hidey' in anticipation of Mummy's 'Peekaboo'. You say 'Hi' and 'Bye' and 'All Gone' - and you have proven to us, and to professionals that you do not need to be assessed for speech issues!

You have taught us that it is okay for us to stand up to medical professionals and say 'enough', because you are doing so good.

You are such a wonderful little person full of character and fun! You are trying so hard to walk on your own but still have that little level of reservation (you get that from me!), and so for now you just grab on to anything that will keep you upright and push it around the house - the kitchen chair, your push along lion, the toy basket, your little train (that you can only push around if you're on your knees - how funny you look).

I can't believe you've grown so big so quick - but I am reveling in every little detail and enjoying you very, very much.

You are my sweet, loving Baby Boy, and always will be, no matter how big, or smart you grow to be - I love you so much and always will.


Deborah said...

Such a great letter Annie. I hope you'll print these out and keep them for when they are older. Glad things are going well for him. No pictures? ;-)

Ciara also does that Daddy thing when she hears someone at the door. She looks nothing like her Dad and unfortunately tends to do that when the postman is outside... you can bet what reaction that gets! ;-)

Jen M. said...

It is so amazing how quickly time flies!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how much THEY teach US!?

Feener said...

so sweet. and just so you know frass who will be 15 months at the end of dec. doesn't say any words. she says mama if i say it to her. but that is yes...i think you are looking good with the speech.

Jennifer said...

He sounds like he's doing so great. Especially the talking! Impressive!

Jennifer, Le Binky Bitch

shauna said...

What a trooper! And such good news that he's doing so well. I'm sure that makes mommy feel great.

Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

What a great letter to Jay. They grow up so fast, its amazing and scary. But so much fun to watch!

andi said...

Pardons for my absence. This was a beautiful letter. What a sweet little guy.

andi from Poot and Cubby

Tot's Mom said...

Got here through cre8buzz.
That was beautifully written. Your motherly love certainly shines through.

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Amazing how quickly time flies.

Thanks so much for sharing!