Sunday, March 16, 2008

Google and Blogger Blues

Everything is going all screwy on me. I hope this is not the start of messy stuff I read about other bloggers experiencing that have prompted their move to other platforms.

I don't have the energy, or the knowledge to move!

Anyone linking to my blog as probably won't have a live link now - seems it has to be

I also have a problem with my google reader. All of my subscriptions have disappeared and I can find nothing in either google reader help, nor via the mighty google search to help me fix this.

So here I am, one kid asleep, one watching Max and Ruby (I know, I know!), laundry is up to date and the house is clean. And my reader is broken. Now what am I supposed to do? *gasp*, suppose I'll have to go read a real book or something!


Anonymous said...

That's weird. I'll have to check mine.

And what's up with Ruby? She has the patience of a saint!

Mitch McDad said...

Do what I do when electronic/tech stuff malfunctions. I kick them.

Duck's Mom said...

Max & Ruby.....they have grandparents, do they have PARENTS? I hope Duck is that self-sufficient in a few years.

We watched Diego til after 9:00 tonight.

Duck's Mom said...

meant to add that blogger was funky today...i couldn't add a photo or video of Duck and his now TRASHED room after I had it all nice and neat yesterday.

Iota said...

A book? You mean lots of sheets of paper stuck between two covers? That's pretty radical.

Deborah said...

I've had issues with reader as well, but nothing so drastic. Just blogs that show they have new posts, but when I click, there's no new posts! Grrr!

The ww thing shouldn't matter. Both work fine!

Do Max and Ruby have American accents there? I get really frustrated the way they change the accents over here, mainly for Little Einsteins and Backyardigans! My kids sound like Brits! ;-)

Flamenco Mom said...

I've said it many is a fickle friend. Hope your technical issues are resolved soon.