Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I am all out of blog steam

I started this blog almost a year ago and in that time I have really enjoyed the sense of community, the interaction and the cathartic benefits it has given me. I've also enjoyed the opportunity to weigh in on important topics relating to parenthood, or life in general.

However, I see so much about blogging that I haven't taken the time to understand. All the social networking sites, the stumbling, the diggs, and then there's the infamous Twitter, which, despite reading many blog posts on the subject - still confuses me - and I'm not sure I get, at all, what the point of it is.

I could get to the bottom of all these things - but that would require more time and energy than I'm prepared to devote to it - and so I feel like I'm being left behind in the dust of all the 'proper' bloggers. The more I resist getting into these blogging practices, the further behind I feel and catching up seems pointless to me - why would I try? To be like everyone else? (never a path I chose to follow), to be popular? To gain more readers? ( might be nice since the ones I had seem to have disappeared). Unless I see my blog as a shoe in to a means to make money in some way - which currently I'm not seeking - I won't try to 'catch up'

I have no enthusiasm for something that becomes like a chore - this blog is in danger of becoming exactly that. I have resisted posting about our recent (and maybe not all that recent) parenting challenges when dealing with what is essentially a strong willed child in Miss E because, to do so will sound whiney and who wants to read that? Everyone has their own issues. I've refrained from posting about our small successes in improving our overall experiences with said strong willed child because I feel like we're covering some pretty basic parenting ground, that has just taken us a little longer than most to figure out. Or, maybe it's that I'm so darned tired trying to meet these challenges and do right by Miss E, that I don't have the energy to articulate these issues in a coherent or interesting way. The result is I've posted a bunch of drivel in the few times that I've posted at all recently.

So, I think I'm jumping on the 'blogging break' bandwagon. I do feel all out of blogging steam, or maybe the novelty has just worn off.

All I know - is that I am a better mommy when I'm not spending time at this keyboard. And that at the end of the day is what I need to be - a better mommy.


Deborah said...

Hey Annie. I totally know how you feel right now! Feeling the same myself! Hope it will just be a temporary break! Best of luck!

jennifer said...


Hope you'll come back when/if you feel ready.

The Laundress~JJ! said...

I hear ya sister...You know I do...

Do what you need to do...I'll always be here if you need an ear!!!!

Life As I Know It said...

Blog for yourself if you find enjoyment in it. To hell with what everyone is doing or thinking.

I have no idea what Twitter is...

andi said...

I'll miss you, but you know that I completely understand. Have a good break and I hope you'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Wah! You were the one who inspired me!

You gotta do what's right for you, but I will miss coming here.

Pgoodness said...

blog for you. who cares about the diggs and stumbles and twitters - the blog is still the blog. but i get it . hope to see you back soon! Oh, and small victories are still victories to be proud of.

jen said...

oh, sister...boy do i ever understand this. take good, good care. xo

Mrs. Schmitty said...

I know what you mean, my blog has slacked off as well. I have millions of things to write about, but who has the time? By the time I's not worth writing about anymore. Life is just busy.

Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

I don't really get all that extra stuff either. And there are some days when I feel like coming up with something to say is a chore. Generally, on those days, I don't do it. But I understand how you feel...I am still loving blogging, if only because I know that I won't remember half the stuff that happens if I don't write it down, and writing has always been a release for me. I'll miss you when you're gone, but hope you'll check in sometimes!!!

Mitch McDad said...

Good for you. Do what you need to do. The internet isn't going anywhere.

Iota said...

Oh Annie, I'll miss you and your common sense approach to life. I do completely understand, though - blogging is very time-consuming. Your decision to give it up is just another indicator that you're such a great mom. (Or mum!)

When I went on my blogging break, someone left a comment saying 'why don't you just do the odd post from time to time?", and I have found that a very good approach. I'm down from about 3 posts a week to about 3 a month. I no longer sneak off to the computer at every available moment, but I still satisfy my need to write, and I do cruise around and read my favourites (I just don't travel the blogosphere for hours and hours like I used to, hopping from blog to blog to blog to see where it led).

I wish you well, and you'll always be welcome back (and I have no idea what Twitter is).

MoziEsmé said...

Just a note to let you know you still have readers and I hope you do post once in a while!

I actually started blogging primarily for personal accountability on journaling my daughter's life in Africa (something I want to do for HER), and found other benefits along the way. I keep reminding myself of my purpose and fighting the urge to join the numbers game, learn all the latest in blogging, etc. As a full-time work at home mom, I just don't have the time.

Velveteen Mind Megan said...

You know how I feel about blogging breaks. I didn't even turn on the computer for four months. Or the TV. At all.

At. all.

That's how I missed lots of emails from you asking where I was. Sorry. You should have called me!!!

Go old school, woman.

And I am one of your readers that never leaves comments. I have no idea why I never leave comments, but I am still reading. And I'll be reading if and when you come back.

Forget all the peripheral blogging accessories. Seriously. I know I do a lot of it, but just scrap it. I didn't miss it while I was gone, and I don't actually love it now that I'm back.

I no longer check my stats or feed readers or Technorati or any of that stuff. I do Twitter, but even that is obnoxious frequently.

And it keeps me away from my kids. Definitely.

I love you, Annie. You know that. Hell, we had a Blooming Marvelous Easter!!!

My ditto has your back on this one.

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

I don't play the stumble/twitter/digg/networking site games either. Every now and then I'll get a whim to DO more promotion, but I've been so busy, it's just been a whim.

I don't think posting about raising a challenging child would sound whiney, but then I'm raising one myself so I get it. It's why I started that second share my ups and downs, things I've discovered to work and things that won't.

I do understand the need for a break. Blogging can sometimes feel as if it is consuming your life.

Duck's Mom said...

no, don't stop blogging......yours is one of TWO that I read regularly.


Flamenco Mom said...

Hey Annie, I don't know what half of that stuff is either. I know how you feel about running out of steam. I've been on a break for about two weeks, and it's been a nice break. I do hope you'll decide to come back--whenever you decide. In the meantime, how about we get together soon? My kids miss hanging out with you and Baby J...and they're dying to meet Miss E.

Bananas said...

Oh Annie I totally feel you on this. Hope your break is going well... I think taking one is about the healthiest thing you can do!

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