Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Slacker Mom

Boy, do I have a lot to learn in the world of Preschool!

Miss E had her school 'Valentimes' party yesterday. She was so psyched to bring her little valentine's cards in, complete with the little bags of mini M&Ms she had in each envelope - two little packets for each kid.

Here I was naively thinking this was a nice little token gesture.

Imagine my embarrassment at seeing the bounty that Miss E came home with from the other kids! Cute little cellophane bags with co-ordinating twistie ties, filled with heart covered candies, pencils, stencils, art stampers etc!

I guess this post at Mommyvents should have given me a heads up.

Hmm - bang goes my quest to be the Martha Stewart of Preschoolerville!


Feener said...

glad to hear it is going on every where !! it is crazy. I didn't even think about the mom's who have 3 kids in school, imagine that chaos, 3 vday cards x 22 kids in each class ???
thanks for the linky love !!! i think i am going to do something for st. paddy's day for the kids, in hopes that NO OTHER moms will do something and I will look all cool and fancy. maybe a little bottle of baily's for each kid ?

Annie said...

I think Baileys for the teacher is a better idea - they deserve a drink - especially after dealing with a sugar hopped group of 3 year olds!

Life As I Know It said...

I think I can make you feel better. During my son's first year at preschool I forgot completely about Valentine's Day cards. He was the only kid who didn't bring anything in! I wish the teachers would have sent notes home as a reminder, but they didn't...
I felt terrible, but he didn't even seem to notice.
I've since learned all that is expected on Valentine's Day and every other school celebrated holiday ;)

Anonymous said...

Last year when E was in daycare I felt all proud I even remembered cards and other people gave the kids scads of candy. This year at her preschool thankfully people only gave cards - she's a bit of a nightmare hopped on sugar.


Jen M. said...

SOmetimes I can't believe how over the top parents go in their kids' classes for the holidays.

Whatever happened to some handmade doily cards and a plate of cupcakes?

I'll bet the M&M cards were wonderful.

Iota said...

DON'T GET ME STARTED! It's worse than trick or treating. My preschooler was ill after the Valentines party, and my elementary school boys have got enough candy to last them till Christmas. No-one is doing these kids any favours.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. This was my first pre-school V-Day too. In Scotland we don't do that crap either. It'sok though, I wasn't upstaged!

saw your comments on PlaygroundsAreNoPlace and had to come visit. Always nice to meet another ex-pat from the UK or Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm not into that.
I buy the store valentines for school and we make our own for family.

And we're not allowed to bring any food inside the school that hasn't been pre-approved due to allergies, so I don't bother.